The main purpose of the Hellenic Association for the Study and Education of Diabetes Mellitus (H.A.S.D.) is to inform and educate doctors, nursing and paramedical staff and patients with diabetes mellitus and to promote Diabetes Mellitus in Greece and abroad.

Furthermore, undertaking any legal activity that aims to: 

(a) the prevention of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) by educating the medical world and the rest population

(b) the support of medical research on Diabetes Mellitus 

(c) the improvement of medical services provided to the Greek diabetic population

(d) a better education of the diabetic population on matters affecting them

(e) the connection and cooperation between the Association and similar organizations in Greece and abroad 


Main activities of the Association:

  • Organization of congresses, one and two-day workshops and scientific events with diabetic content in Greece and abroad. The 33rd Pan-Hellenic Annual Conference has already been organized on 13-17 November 2019, in which 1,732 delegates were enrolled and attended the conference via 32,241 (total views) online broadcast.
  • Organization of Postgraduate Education Courses. Every year, further education courses are organized. There are credits awarded by the Panhellenic Medical Association, in the context of continuing medical education, aiming  to further educate new doctors on the field of Diabetes Mellitus.


Editions of the Association:

The Association issues:

  • The Journal "Hellenic Diabetological Chronicles", which is published four times per year. It is recognized by the Ministry of Health and its first publication was 30 years ago. It mainly addresses to the scientific community and deals with diabetes mellitus related matters.

Editors-in-Chief of Hellenic Diabetological Chronicles were:

D. Karamitsos, † Ν. Papazoglou, Ch. Manes and T. Didaggelos.

New Editor of the Journal for the years 2020-2022 is the professor of the Department of Medicine of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Mr. Apostolos Tsapas.


  • The "Register of Greek Researchers & Authors with a subject of Diabetes Mellitus", which includes all the Greek authors and researchers of Diabetes Mellitusalong with the titles of their publications. It was last published in 2009 (3rd Edition) (editor: †N. Papazoglou).
  • The "Guide for patients with Diabetes Mellitus" as an offer to patients with Diabetes Mellitus. The book answers to key questions about the daily lives of these people. The latest revised version of the guide was published in 2013.

  • The Association currently has 633 members.


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